Civil Engineering

civil engineering


Civil engineering is at the heart of modern civilization. Without civil engineers, it’s hard to imagine a developed society with highways, bridges, clean water and other modern conveniences. At DuSouth Surveying, civil engineers provide consulting services for a range of projects. Civil engineering is the process of conceiving, designing, supervising and constructing any private or commercial project. From commercial construction and remodeling to hydrology and traffic planning, our team of highly-skilled professionals provide civil engineering services and perform expert assessments and recommendations.

Civil Engineering Consulting

Before launching any construction project, receiving a consultation from a civil engineer is the best way to ensure you’re on the right track. At DuSouth Surveying, our team of civil engineers apply the latest engineering principles to assess and solve complex problems. Capable of building a project from design to creation, our civil engineers commonly perform the following services:


Restaurant rebuilds

From pre-demolition assessments to design changes, civil engineering principles are involved in each stage of rebuilding a restaurant. Our team provides consulting services to ensure the successful completion of restaurant rebuilds. With every detail or question that arises, we take great care with your business. Our number one priority is to see your vision of the business recreated. and make it succeed with recommending new additions like adding  an EE Business broadband that will sure improve your business connectivity with customers, clients and employees and more technical additions such as electrical and plumbing uses, look at the Signs You May Need To Hire A Residential Plumber.


Commercial construction

Both small and large-scale commercial construction projects require beginning-to-end input from experienced civil engineers. DuSouth Surveying’s team of professionals provide insight into project improvement, design and implementation. There are plenty of questions that arise when in the process of building any construction project, but our team is available to discuss these details and find resolution to any challenges.


Water and sewer lines 

Though not often visible to passersby, water and sewer lines weave intricately to provide homes and businesses with much-needed resources. A lot of work is done to maintain the integrity of pipes using test plugs and other equipment. Between working with government and land owners, civil engineers play a critical role in utility planning and implementation. Sanitary drainage planning and the handling of grading and erosion control permits is among the important work our civil engineers perform.


GDOT plans

DuSouth Surveying provides civil engineering consulting services to draft transportation plans for the Georgia Department of Transportation. Between traffic management, design and construction, civil engineers enhance road safety and travel.


Full construction planning 

When in need of full construction planning, trust the civil engineers at DuSouth Surveying to provide quality consulting and assistance. From start-to-finish, our team assesses, designs and monitors construction projects to ensure safe, successful completion.

DuSouth Surveying’s are known in for their expertise in civil engineering. Their vast knowledge and professional experience will ensure your project is in good and capable hands.


Why Choose DuSouth Surveying?

Between years of experience and a dedication to meticulous civil engineering practice, the team at DuSouth Surveying has become known as a go-to resource for civil engineering consulting. We work with various professionals to get projects completed accurately and safely:


At DuSouth Surveying, our priority is the success of your project. Our team of civil engineers is insured to provide you with peace of mind.



With over a decade of experience in civil engineering practice, our team of professionals has worked with property developers, government agencies and commercial businesses to complete thousands of projects.



Experience in multiple civil engineering specialties has led to the development of a knowledgeable team of professionals.



Focused on accuracy, DuSouth Surveying’s team of civil engineers performs comprehensive consultations to ensure construction planning is precise.


Start Your Project off Right with DuSouth

Don’t waste time using staff resources on a project without first working with an experienced civil engineer. Whether you plan to develop property or work with a government agency, civil engineering consulting from DuSouth Surveying is available now. Contact us today!