Additional Services

DuSouth Surveyors and Engineers now offers Complete Site Work, Utility Installation and Concrete from large commercial projects down to small residential needs. By adding these services to our company, we offer our customers a one stop shop for their project needs.

Site work includes work that is not part of the physical structure of the building or home itself. Site work is an important part of the finishing touches that are necessary to complete the project. These processes can include grading, landscaping, and foundation preparation.

We are also skilled in utility installation includes installing service important services like water, electricity or gas. DuSouth can take the stress of these tasks off of your hands by handling the process for you. Whether the installation is for a large commercial project, or simply installing utility services in your personal home, we are there to make the process smooth and professional.

We can help finish off a project with our concrete services. We offer skilled workers who make sure your concrete comes out looking perfect and clean. As with our other services, no project or area is too big or too small, we can pour concrete for any area.

Please email or call to inquire about these services.

site work
site work